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Florida Man Flips off Judge, Calls him Honky

Florida Man Flips off Judge, Calls him Honky

FORT LAUDERDALE – A Florida Man flipped off a judge and call him a honky after being denied his request to be released from jail.

When Jermain Levy appeared in Broward County court before Judge Michael Davis, an “interested” conversation occured.

Levy: How you doin’, judge? I’m Innocent.

Judge: OK, I know. I know you are. 

Levy: You ain’t smoke no weed for the new year?

The judge then asked Levy to have a seat. Levy shortly returned again to greet Judge Davis.

Levy: Good morning again sir.

As the judge began reading Levy’s alleged charges (trespassing), Levy interupted him.

Levy: I’m charged with trees, trees, weed..

After Judge Davis denied his request to be released, Levy called Davis a “honky”, and proceeded to flip him off with both hands.

Read More: (ABC 10 News)

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