Florida Man Shoots at Cows with AR-15 from Moving Car

Florida Man Cows with AR-15 from Moving Car

A Florida Man has been arrested after allegedly shooting at cows with an AR-15 while in a car.

Police received a call on Sunday saying someone was shooting at cows on the Florida Turnpike in Kissimmee.

When confronted by the state trooper, 33-year old Elvis Antonio Artola told him that he did in fact have a weapon in the vehicle. When told to put his hands behind his back, Artola refused. The trooper had to call for backup to get Artola to comply.

According to the driver of the vehicle, he stopped on the turnpike so Artola could use the bathroom. He then stated that Artola fired the AR-15 into the woods.

The driver also said that Artola fired shots from the window of the car as they drove away, but he was unsure as to whether he was trying to hit cows with the weapon.

Artola is currently in the Orange County Jail.

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