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    Florida Man Steals Swan Shaped Boat, Gets Stranded on Lake Eola Fountain

    [ORLANDO] – A Florida Man was arrested Thursday night after stealing a swan boat at Lake Eola, then stranding himself when it drifted away. The unidentified Florida Man made it to the fountain at around 3:30 a.m. via the stolen swan. However, the boat quickly drifted away, at which point the man began screaming for help. Orlando […] More

  • Florida Man Goes to Steak N’ Shake, Urinates on Floor, Goes to Sleep

    [TAMPA] – A Florida man who urinated in front of dozens of customers at a Tampa Steak n’ Shake has been arrested. 45-year old James Steadman was observed sitting in a booth at a Tampa Steak n’ Shake at around midnight on Saturday. He then stood up, unzipped his pants, exposing himself,f then proceeded to urinate […] More

  • Florida Man Tosses Bags of Weed from Vehicle, Says F*ck the Police

    [VERO BEACH] – A Florida Man was arrested after taking police on a high-speed chase tossing bags of weed out the window of the vehicle along the way. 19-year old Tyler Thomas Adams faces a plethora of charges, including Driving on a Suspended Driver’s License, Marijuana Possession, Felony Tampering of evidence, and Felony Flee & Elude. On […] More

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    Florida Man Pistol-Whips Woman over KFC

    [WEST PALM BEACH]  – A Florida Man has been arrested after allegedly punching, then pistol-whipping a woman during an argument over KFC. Police responded to a West Palm home on Dec. 2, when a woman said 37- Year old Calvin Shuler hit her with a gun and punched her, according to the arrest report. Police say the victim […] More

  • Florida Man Caught Stabbing Inflatable Yard Snowman

    [ST. CLOUD] – Surveillance footage from a St. Cloud Homeowner shows a Florida Man stabbing their inflatable yard snowman. The owner posted the footage of the incident, which occurred on December 1st, on Facebook in the hopes of ID-ing the individual. No word on if a formal investigation is underway. [Original Article] More

  • Florida Man Steals Beer, Says He Was Just Exchanging It for Cold Ones

    [VERO BEACH] –  A Florida man caught stealing a 12 pack at a Publix in Vero Beach told authorities he was simply exchanging it for a colder pack. 49-year old Donnie Alan Goss was seen entering the Publix, placing a 12-pack of Budweiser into a duffle bag, then walking out of the store. A loss […] More

  • Florida Man Breaks into Garage, Drinks Wine Cooler, Takes Torch

    [RIVERVIEW] – A Florida Man faces burglary charges after breaking into a garage, then helping himself to a wine cooler and a torch. According to reports, 38-year old Matthew Genuex of Tampa broke into a garage on Krycul Ave. In Riverview. Once inside, he took a wine cooler out of the fridge along with a torch. The […] More

  • Florida Man Shouts Racial Slurs, Urinates on Wall, Asks Cop to Smoke Weed with Him

    [STUART] – A Florida Man was arrested on drug charges after asking a deputy if he wanted to smoke weed with him. Police were called to a Publix grocery store in Stuart, Florida regarding an “unwanted guest”, 48-year old Anthony Rocha. Rocha had apparently urinated in the front of the store, then yelled at an employee […] More

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    Florida Man Draws Violent Scene on Child’s Homework

    [GULF COUNTY] – A Florida Man faces charges after he drew a picture depicting a school shootout on a student’s homework assignment. An investigation was prompted by school staff after seeing the drawing, which included a burning schoolhouse, a person shooting at a line of people with the words” Pew Pew Pew” next to it, a person […] More