59-year old Constantin Preda exposed himself to customers at a Citgo Gas station. [Photo: PBSO]

Florida Man Begs for Money, Flashes People, Spits on Cops

[WEST PALM BEACH] –  A Florida Man decided to offer Gas station customers more than just gas, cheap coffee and snacks.

59-year old Constantin Preda faces indecent exposure charges after authorities say he asked customers at a West Palm Citgo gas station for money. When they refused, the man exposed himself.

According to one Citgo customer, Preda asked her for money and when she said no, he pulled his pants down and mooned her. The woman, who lives out of town said she was traumatized and wanted to leave the city immediately.

When police arrived, Preda tried to spit on them, pulled his pants down again and exposed himself to more customers before he was arrested. [Original Article]



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