Florida Woman Burns down Ex-Boyfriend’s House over Teddy Bear

[EDGEWATER] – A Florida Woman has been arrested after burning down her ex-boyfriends house before stabbing a police office. The reason? A Teddy bear.

26-year old Brittany Bonin demanded her ex, Michael Demalia, return a Teddy be she had given to his 18-month old daughter.

Brittany Bonin faces arson, assault and battery charges. [Photo: WFTV9 abc]
After exchanging a few words, Bonin went on a rampage.

She went into Demalia’s daughter room and set fire to her crib.

She smashed a 90-gallon fish tank and lunged at Demalia with a knife.

Demalia fled to a neighbor’s, who happened to be an off duty deputy. He tried to stand in between the two, but Bonin stabbed him.

The deputy, Captain Cliff Williams, suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Demalia’s child was not home during the incident.

Brittany Bonin remains in custody and faces multiple charges including assault, battery and arson. [Original Article]

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