Florida Man Burns Woman’s RV down Because “She’s a Hater, and a People Eater”

Florida Man, Stopping Cannibals – One Arson at a Time

21-year old Wayne Phillips

[LACOOCHEE] –  A Florida Man accused of setting fire to a woman’s RV on Sunday says she was a “hater” and a “people eater”.

21-year old Wayne Philips faces felony arson charges as well as attempted murder after setting fire to the RV’s doorway at around 2:30 in the morning on Sunday. The victim had returned home shortly before.

According to Phillips, he wanted to kill the woman out of anger, telling police that she was “a hater and a people eater like the rest of them.”

Police say the arson was a planned attack that Phillips had been planning, having poured gasoline on the RV’s floor days before.

The victim managed to escape the fire, climbing out the back window of her RV. She received first and second-degree burns as well as injuries from falling after climbing out the window.

The RV was completely destroyed according to police. Phillips is being held at Land O’ Lakes Detention Center in lieu of bail ($50,000). [Original Article]

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