High-Speed Chase Ends with Naked Florida Man Atop Bleachers

[APALACHICOLA] – A Florida Man who led police on a high-speed chase, stripped naked and ran to the top of a set of bleachers has been arrested.

According to police, Andrew David Blake, of St. Petersburg, was seen speeding through neighborhoods at 70 mph in a Camaro.

Police pursued Blake, and after catching up with him, he got out of the car, stripped naked and ran to the top of some nearby bleachers.

Blake resisted the deputies, yelling and rambling “sentences which made no sense”, police say.

After being arrested and medically examined, Franklin County Sheriff office’s Facebook page  posted that Blake exhibited signs of “Flocka” use – which most likely was a misspelling of “Flakka”, a drug that has been the cause behind numerous headlines of bizarre Florida Man behavior. [Original Article]

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