Florida Man Charged After Molesting Horse

[VALPARAISO] – A Florida Man is under arrest after molesting a horse and possibly having multiple sexual encounters with it.

26-year old Darius Galloway was caught on camera having sex with the horse. He faces multiple charges including sexual activities involving animals, burglary and petit theft.

The encounters appear to have started back in April, when the owner of the animal noticed oil on the animals backside. She then saw the oil on the horses behind a second time on June 20. About a week later, the oil was again found on the horse, in addition to a white substance on the horse’s vagina.

At this point, the owner decided to setup a camera inside the stable.

On July 19, the camera recorded footage of a shirtless Galloway setting up a folding chair behind the horse.

On July 26, the owner spotted Galloway once again headed towards the stable and contacted police. Police found him inside the stable, holding the camera with his pants down. He told authorities he had sex with the horse and planned on taking the camera home with him.

Galloway is currently in Okaloosa County Jail on bond. [Original Article]

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