Naked Florida Man Says He Robbed Bank Because He’s Trying To Be A Comedian

[MIAMI] – A naked Florida Man who robbed a bank, then ran down the street throwing money into the air told police he was trying to “begin his career as a comedian”.

25-year old Alexander Hayden Sperber was arrested after robbing the Regions Bank at 100 Southeast 3rd Ave.

Police reports say that Sperber demanded money, claiming he had a gun. The bank teller place approximately $7500 in the bag. Also placed inside was a dye pack and bait bill.

The dye pack exploded shortly after Sperber made his escape, covering his entire body with red dye.

Sperber then stripped naked and continued to make his escape, throwing the money into the air as he ran.

After being apprehended and questioned by authorities, Sperber told them it was all to “begin his a career as a comedian”.

Sperber is currently held in jail without bond.[Original Article]

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