Elderly Florida Man Covers Girlfriend In Sex Lube, Beats Her Up After Refusing Sex

[CLEARWATER] – An elderly Florida Man has been arrested after dousing his girlfriend in sex lube and attacking her because she refused sex with him.

77-year old Roger Archambault squirted the lubricant on his girlfriend Carmen Reineck, after she declined to have sex in their Clearwater apartment.

After getting into an argument earlier regarding family matters, Archambault kicked her and squeezed her hand to the point of bruising.

Reineck says she was afraid to call police on him.

The police report states later that evening, after being denied sex from Reineck, Roger took sex look and squirted it all over the victims neck and shoulders. At this point, Reineck called police.

Police arrived to find Reineck locked out of the house, with sex lube still visible on her.

Archambault was found to be under the influence of alcohol and sleeping pills, and he denied striking his girlfriend. [Original Article]

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