Who is Florida Man

“Florida Man”? Who is Florida Man? What is he? Is he superhuman?

With so many random acts of craziness occurring throughout Florida on a daily basis, it seems as if his antics are motivated by entertaining and/or warning the rest of the Nation to avoid the Sunshine State at all costs.

The term has become a popular internet meme and has been used to describe a particular sub-culture of the state of Florida, which is known for its humid climate, beaches, and wacky residents. Despite its negative connotations, many Floridians have embraced the term “Florida Man” as a way of celebrating the uniqueness and diversity of their state.

Florida Man has done some pretty wild things in the past few years. Some of the craziest include a Florida man who tried to break into a jail to visit his friends, a man who was arrested for throwing a live alligator through a Wendy’s drive-thru window, and a man who was arrested for having sex with a miniature horse. Other bizarre incidents include a man who broke into a restaurant and made himself a pizza, a man who tried to trade a live alligator for beer, and a man who was arrested for driving a lawnmower while drunk. These are just a few of the many strange and outrageous things that Florida Man has been responsible for, and it seems like the stories just keep getting crazier and crazier.

The primary reason there’s a nearly unlimited source of Florida Man stories to write about is the state’s “Proud Open Government Laws”.

Other factors that may contribute to this phenomena include:

  • The crazy weather
  • Abundance of alligators
  • Snowbirds
  • The mixture of locals and transplants
  • The “General Craziness” of Florida