Florida Man Pulls Down Pants, Threatens to Kill Officers and Rape Their K9
Monroe County Sheriff's Office
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Florida Man, Drunk and Stoned, Pulls Down Pants, Says He’ll Kill Cops and Rape Their K9

Florida Man November 3

[MONROE COUNTY] This Florida Man story has it ALL!  A drunk, stoned Florida Man that exposes himself, fights with police, claims to be a mercenary, threatens the lives of the officers and their families, and even rape their K9 law enforcement dogs. The list of charges is truly one you need to see.

Deputies said they observed 67 year-old Walter Frank Camp driving southbound in a Kia SUV, speeding and passing illegally on U.S. 1 on Big Pine Key. After pulling him over deputies said they saw an open beer can and noticed the smell of marijuana. Florida Man was clearly intoxicated.

So where do we begin?  The Kia was reported stolen out of Blaine, Washington. After searching the car, 51 grams of marijuana edibles were found.  Camp claimed they were “medicinal”.  Right before his arrest he drops his pants and exposes himself to drivers going by.

Camp then allegedly told one deputy that he was going to *f-ck* his wife and children and then kill them. He claimed to be a ““mercenary” and “took care” of bad people.

Camp made multiple statements that referenced raping and then murdering the deputy’s K9 dog, Mako, according to the report.

The Arrest Report on Mugshot Expert shows the long list of charges filed against Camp.

The List of Charges include:

  • Charge Code: 836.12.3 – Charge Description: INTIMIDATION
  • Charge Code: 812.014.2c6 – Charge Description: VEH THEFT
  • Charge Code: 893.13.6a – Charge Description: MARIJUANA-POSSESS
  • Charge Code: 843.19.4 – Charge Description: PUBLIC ORDER CRIMES
  • Charge Code: 800.03 – Charge Description: INDECENT EXPOSURE
  • Charge Code: 843.02 –  Charge Description: RESIST OFFICER
  • Charge Code: 316.193.1a – Charge Description: DUI-UNLAW BLD ALCH
  • Charge Code: 316.192.1a – Charge Description: MOVING TRAFFIC VIOL
  • Charge Code: 318.14.3 – Charge Description: RESIST OFFICER

On the way to jail, Camp made approximately 300 statements about killing and raping the arresting deputy and his wife and children.

His bond was set at $72,500.


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