Florida Man Drinks 2 Bottles of Wine, Gets DUI On a Segway
Andy Sigears, Polk County Sheriff's Office
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Florida Man Drinks 2 Bottles of Wine, Gets DUI On a Segway

Florida Man October 22

Well, Andy Sigears of Polk County found out the hard way that driving drunk while on a Segway can land you in jail.
Not only did Sigears, 48, drunkenly ride the Segway, but he did so outside a Sheriff’s Office substation on Dunson Road, according to a Polk County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post.
A Sheriff’s Office lieutenant saw Sigears unsteadily riding the Segway in the middle lanes, swerving and impeding traffic, the post said.
The lieutenant said there were other clues that Sigears was intoxicated: he slurred his speech, he smelled of alcohol, and he had watery eyes.
But the most incriminating factor was that Sigears told the lieutenant he had consumed nearly two bottles of wine, the post said.
“Andy endangered himself, and others, but we hope this will get him on the right track,” the Sheriff’s Office posted.
Sigears was arrested and taken to the Polk County jail where he provided breath samples resulting in 0.243, 0.220 and 0.238, deputies said.
Sigears was almost at three times the legal limit of .08, the Sheriff’s Office said.

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