Florida Man Hunter Thomas Bleich fights gas pumps December 29
Collier County Sheriff's Office
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Florida Man Arrested for Fist Fight with Gas Pump, Then Picks Fight with Wall

Florida Man December 29

[COLLIER COUNTY] Florida Man didn’t just get into a fist fight with a gas pump. It was his second of five fights.  First he fought with his girlfriend, then he fought with the gas pump.  He then proceeded to start fights with a car wash, a tree, and eventually the wall too.

Deputies said gas pumps first caught the brunt of his fists, followed by equipment inside of a drive-thru car wash. By the time deputies arrived at the Mobil gas station on the evening of Dec. 21, Bleich had allegedly already thrown hands at a nearby tree.

They found him sitting on a curb smoking a cigarette outside his car with the doors open. Inside the car, they found his girlfriend.

Deputies said Bleich claimed he had gotten into a heated argument with his girlfriend that caused him so much anger, he took it out on the pumps, car wash and tree.

Investigators said Bleich’s breath reeked of alcohol. He allegedly told them he and his girlfriend had been drinking at a Christmas party earlier in the evening.

He was handcuffed after allegedly shouting over another deputy trying to question his girlfriend.

When deputies got Hunter Thomas Bleich booked into the Naples Jail Center, they said he began punching a concrete wall.

When she was finally able to speak with authorities, deputies said she confirmed Bleich’s story that they had been arguing.

Bleich bonded out of jail the next day, but he has a court date set for Jan. 16.

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Deputies: Florida man punches gas pumps, car wash, tree after argument with girlfriend

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