Florida man hits another in the face with a hatchet over spilled beer October 25
Escambia County Sheriffs office
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Florida Man Hits Other Florida Man in Head with Hatchet Over Spilled Beer

Florida Man October 25

[ESCAMBIA COUNTY] It’s probably best to stay as far as possible from Florida Man when he has a hatchet.  It’s also a good idea to stay away from Florida Man when he’s been drinking.  But if you stay near Florida Man when he has a hatchet AND has been drinking, then you may want some life insurance.

According to a Facebook Post by Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, deputies found a man “bleeding from the eye and around the mouth.  According to the victim he was visiting an “acquaintance” at a tent belonging to another “acquaintance”…who happened to be Florida Man.

At some point Florida Man, Danny Tharp, started an argument with the victim blaming him for spilling beer. The victim denied spilling the beer and argued back.  Eventually Tharp, also known by the nickname Dino, picked up a hatchet and started swinging. Tharp was able to connect a few swings to the man’s forehead before the 

The victim was able to get away and find a Escambia County Sheriff’s deputy.  After giving a description of his attacker, the deputy was able to find “Dino” and arrest him.

Tharp was charged with attempted homicide and given no bond.  According to his identification, Tharp’s address is in South Carolina. It’s believed that Tharp was actually homeless and living in the tent…officially solidifying his title as Florida Man.

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