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Tim Tebow Stars as Florida Man in New Nissan TV Commercial

Florida Man Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow stars in a new Nissan Heisman House commercial that first aired this weekend.  If you’re a college football fan then it’s one you don’t want to miss.

The commercial start with Billy Sims (’78 Heisman Winner from Oklahoma) reading the news on his tablet computer. He sees a Florida Man headline that is pretty tame compared to this site.  “Florida Man Seen Wrestling Two Alligators” the headline reads. Sims then asks “I wonder if these Florida Man things are really true?”

This site has it’s share of Florida Man dealings with alligators.  We have the Florida Man who threw an alligator into a Wendy’s drive-thru window.  We also have the Florida Man that’s tried to get an alligator drunk.  But we also have plenty of Florida Man stories where he had to wrestle with a Gator.

The scene then shows Florida Man Tim Tebow (’07 Heisman Winner from Florida) wrestling the University of Florida mascot, Albert.  Alberta is on the side watching.  After Tebow wrestles Albert into submission he then chases Alberta towards a parked Nissan.

It’s a short commercial but a great testament to the Legend of the Florid Man.

Check out the “Florida Man | 2023 Nissan Heisman House” commercial below:

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