Florida Man Key West Dressed as a Banana Kyle Mortier October 31
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Florida Man Dressed As a Banana Charged for Whipping Out His “Banana”

Florida Man October 31 – Happy Halloween

[KEY WEST] – Happy Halloween! Florida Man was busy celebrating the holiday and couldn’t keep himself out of trouble.  He was not only dressed as a banana for halloween, but decided to whip out his little banana also.

As first reported by The Smoking Gun, Kyle Mortimer, 20, was arrested about 1:20 am in Key West. According to the police report, the officer was flagged down about someone urinating on the sidewalk.  Even though there were porta pottys just across the street, Florida Man must have felt he was privileged enough to relieve himself where he felt like it.

The officer made contact with Mortimer while he was still in the process of public urinating. When the officer identified himself and told Mortimer to stop, Florida Man fled. Another officer told him to stop but he “zig zagged” through the crowd to make his get-a-away. When that officer tried to apprehend him, Mortimer made like a banana peel and slipped away.

The original responding officer was able to grab the banana dressed urinator, but he continued to resist and pull away.  Key West Police weren’t about to let him slip away again.  At this point the officer “utilized a leg sweep” and took banana man down.  Mortimer continued to resist being cuffed by lacing his fingers together.  Once the police had him securely apprehended they walked him down to the Old Town Hall for processing.


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