Drunk Florida Man Arrested at Waffle House Because of Bacon
Lee County Sheriff's Office
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Florida Man Arrested at Waffle House, Freaking Out Over Bacon

Florida Man January 26

Florida Man loves Waffle House.  Florida Man loves bacon.  But if you’re working at the Waffle House you better cook Florida Man’s it exactly how he wants it.

A drunken, shirtless Florida Man is accused of causing a disturbance at a Waffle House in Cape Coral because he was upset about his bacon.

Police were called to the Waffle house because a man was drunk and belligerent and using racial slurs.

According to Local 10, 28-year-old Martin Jose Alvarez is accused of yelling “You better cook the f–king bacon right!”

When police asked Florida Man to come outside he resisted. It was until they threatened to use a taser on him that he complied.


Florida Man Waffle House Bacon Police Report

Alvarez was charged at Lee County jail for disorderly intoxication, resisting an officer, and simple assault.

While searching through the Lee County database, FloridaMan.com found at least three other times Alvarez was arrested within 2 years.  And that’s just in Lee County. It’s unknown if he spread the love to other counties in the great state of Florida.

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