Florida Man beat 103 year old grandma, said she came at him
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Florida Man Beat 103 Year Old Grandma, Said She “Came at Me”

Florida Man October 12

Florida Man proved age is just a number.  He decided to beat his 103 year old grandma over an argument.  He told officers she “came at” him, so he was forced to do it.  According to his grandmother, Florida Man is an abusive scumbag that should be charged with elder abuse.

According to an affidavit posted by The Smoking Gun, Gregory Baksis was charged with battering 103 year old Cecilia Baksis shortly after 4 a.m. in the morning. Gregory was listed as 6-foot-3 and 237 pounds.

Police were responding to a noise complaint when they got to their home, with the grandmother and grandson arguing.  Cecilia claims her 52-year-old grandson awoke her by turning lights on and off, slapping her around, calling her a “bitch” to wake her up. She also said he removed her bed matress and pushed her on the boxspring.

When officers asked Gregory where the mattress was, he claimed he moved it so he could remove the sheets to wash them.  While officers didn’t find any marks on Cecilia’s face, they did see brusing on her arms.  Gregory claimed he grabbed her by the arms because she “came at” him.  He said  he then sat her on the boxspring.

Florida Man was also arrested in May for causing a drunken disturbance at his girlfriend’s residence, where he was allegedly “verbally abusive.” It was also claimed he instigated a fight with a neighbor  and grabbed a second neighbor by her arm. Gregory was charged with disorderly conduct, but prosecutors subsequently declined to pursue the misdemeanor case.

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