Florida Man October 6 -Ditches Job Interview to Steal Car, Flips it when OnStar Cuts the Engine
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Florida Man Ditches Job Interview to Steal Car

Florida Man October 6

[Winter Haven] Florida Man decided he didn’t really want a job.  Instead he decided to ditch his job interview to steal a car; and that was only the beginning of the fun. He couldn’t have picked a worse car to steal on this Florida sunny afternoon.

The Florida Man, 23 year old Jacob Thompson, was supposed to have a job interview at the Bartow Pilot gas station.  He was told there was nobody to interview him and to come back Monday.  Thompson must have needed a ride home, so Florida Man did what he does best…he stole a car.

According to Law & Order Thompson found a 2022 Cadillac XT4 still running while the owner went inside to buy some lottery tickets.  The car’s owner, a resident passing through from West Palm Beach, should have known better.  Unfortunately, you never know when Florida Man will strike.  When the owner of the vehicle came out of the store he found Thompson in his car.

The car owner jumped in front of the car, but Thompson drove around him and hopped on US 27 to flee the scene. When Police learned the vehicle he stole was equipped with OnStar, they easily were able to track his location.  Police tried to pull a traffic stop, but Thompson just kept going onto Interstate 4, going speeds up to 100 MPH.

At this point OnStar notified Thompson they would be shutting the engine off.  According to FOX35, when the engine was cut it flipped off the highway. It crashed into the righthand guardrail causing it to flip.  But Florida Man didn’t stop there.  He then ran off on foot.  Thompson was detained after a brief struggle with police.

Florida Man Jacob Thompson now faces several felonies and is also on felony probation for burglary and assault.

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