Florida Man Reginald Kincer Arrested for Selling Erectile Dysfunction Pill at The Villages
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Florida Man Busted Selling Illegal Erectile Dysfunction Pills in The Villages

Florida Man September 15

[THE VILLAGES, Fla] –  It’s local Florida knowledge the amount of STDs passed around in the retirement community of The Villages, located between Orlando and Ocala.  It’s been considered The STD Capital of America by some of the residents of this wonderful state. The latest Florida Man was helping the area to retain that status by helping local men “Get it Up”. Those men now need to find a new ‘hook up’ for their illegal erectile dysfunction pills.

A 77-year-old Florida Man, named Reginald Kincer, made headlines recently for his involvement in an illegal erectile dysfunction pill plot. Kincer was arrested for allegedly selling thousands of dollars worth of illegal pills used to treat erectile dysfunction without a prescription. Federal prosecutors revealed that Kincer had more than $1,800 worth of erectile dysfunction drugs sent to him. None of which he obtained without a legitimate prescription.

This unusual arrest sheds light on the black market for illegal erectile dysfunction pills and the extent to which people go to acquire these medications. If convicted, Kincer faces up to one year in federal prison and a fine of up to $10,000, although FloridaMan.com expects him to plead out for much less.

It’s worth noting the irony in this situation, as a senior citizen engaging in such activities adds a touch of humor to an otherwise serious matter. The incident serves as a reminder that sometimes Florida Man is trying to help the community, just not legally doing so.  All this Florida Man was trying to do was to try to help out his neighbors. It’s very well known about the lively swinging community swirling around about the Villages.  It’s even known amongst the locals that there is a “loofa code” just to let everyone know where you fit in sexually.

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