Florida Man Dressed As FBI Pistol-Whips Haunted House Host
Pinellas County Jail
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Florida Man Dressed As FBI Pistol-Whips Haunted House Host with BB Gun

Florida Man November 3

Florida Man should have thought twice about his costume before pistol-whipping the host of a haunted house this Halloween.

Ingus Schusser, 20, dressed wore an FBI jacket and body armor when he visited a free haunted house in Seminole. According to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun, the Florida Man was armed with a “black airsoft handgun” that resembled a Glock model handgun.

While walking through the haunted house, Schusser turned the corner to where the host of the house was standing. The host was in a costume, but wasn’t part of the role playing at the time of the incident.  Before the host knew what happened, Schusser pulled his airsoft gun from a holster.  Florida Man then hit him in the face with the handle of the gun, just under his eye causing “significant injury”

Schusser then told the victim of his beating that he thought he was just a statue.  Schusser never offered an apology.  All he did was laugh and then bolt out the door of the house.

The victim then chased him out of the house to prevent him from leaving before the police could arrive.

According to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office list of charges (pictured below), Schusser was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.  Who knew an airsoft gun was considered a deadly weapon? Another felony was added to the charges because he was wearing a bullet proof vest.  It’s against the law to commit violence to another person while wearing one.

The victim was treated by EMS for the bleeding under his eye.

Florida Man BB Gun Haunted House Arrest Summary

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