Florida Man poops in Crab Shack - Pooping Perpetrator
Fort Myers Police Department
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Florida Man Dubbed Pooping Perpetrator Caught Naked in River

Florida Man January 21

[FORT MYERS] Florida Man decided he needed a new Nickname.  Enter the “Pooping Perpetrator”…43-year-old Nathan David Long.

Mr. Long is accused of breaking into a Joes Crab Shack in Ft Myers.  According to a Facebook post by the Fort Myers Police, Long “broke and stole multiple items, including alcohol.”  But that wasn’t all he did.  This Florida Man decided to leave a calling card..by defecating on the floor prior to leaving.

The Fort Myers Police Department made the Facebook post (below) the day after the incident.  They were trying to find anyone that could identify the suspect.  Fortunately for police, this Florida Man decided to pull another stunt a few days later.

According to the Miami Herald, Long was arrested 3 days after his January 21 break-in and defecation stunt.  But it wasn’t because of his DNA sample he left at the scene of the incident.  Fort Myers Police received a call that a “naked man” jumped into the Caloosahatchee River. When officers arrived they pulled him from the river and onto a FMPD Marine Boat.

While on the boat one of the officers recognized the “Pooping Perpetrator” from his video.  After some questioning, Long admitted he was responsible for the incidents that evening at the Crab Shack.  He was then booked into the Lee County Jail

Florida Man Popping Perpetrator Ft Myers Naked River
Lee County Sheriff's Office

Florida Man Nathan David Long was held on $70,000 bond.

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