Florida Man Tries to Trick Police with a Whiteboard
Polk County Sheriff’s Office
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Florida Man Tries to Trick Police with “I Don’t Live Here” Sign

Florida Man October 14

[POLK COUNTY] – On October 14th a wanted Florida Man tried fooling police by leaving a not out front of his his.  The Police didn’t fall for it.

According to the Fox News, Polk County Sheriff deputies showed up to the home of Florida Man Johnny Yates, 41 years old, in Lakeland Florida.  Although they received a tip that he was home, when they arrived at the house they found a message on a whiteboard out front of the house.

“Johnny Yates does NOT live here”

This Florida Man isn’t so bright if he believes this would fool the deputies.  The Polk County Sheriff’s Offices posted on Facebook: “Gee…a dry-erase board never lied to us before—should we believe it?”

The deputies decided to stick around even though nobody opened the door.  Eventually when someone left the house the told the officers that Johnny Yates was in the house.  

Deputies then surrounded the house and spent about an hour trying to get the Florida Man to surrender.  After that they dispensed “Surrender Smoke” into the house.  At this point 4 occupants came running out, at which point they were all arrested for resisted and taken to jail. 

But Florida Man Johnny Yates never came out.  Police dispensed more “Surrender Smoke” and then used a K9 unit to search the inside of the house where they found Yates hiding in a chest of drawers.

Yates was originally wanted by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office on charges of  aggravated battery, false imprisonment and tampering. He can now add resisting arrest on top of that one.  Too bad that whiteboard trick didn’t work.

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