Florida Man Punches Mailboxes, Gets Tased Four Times by Cops

[BRADENTON] – A Florida Man had to be tased a total of four times by police before he could be subdued after an incident on Thursday.

A deputy who was on patrol in Bradenton heard screaming coming down the street. He spotted 40-year old Izra Nowitzke, who was shirtless and bleeding from the head, pacing up and down the front of a home and yelling.

The man at the home said he didn’t know Nowitzke, but Nowitzke approached him, called him names, and hit him with a beer. Then, he punched the man’s mailbox and continued to shout and yell threats at the man.

When police attempted to talk to Nowitzke he was uncooperative. He then took off running, at which point an officer shot him with a stun gun, which proved. A second officer fired his stun gun, and again Nowtizke appeared to be unfazed as he ran down the street, continuing to punch mailboxes along the way.

Nowitzke suddenly stopped running, turned back towards officers, and yelled that he would kill them.

Officers fired two more stun gun shots at the Florida Man, until he was finally incapacitated.

While being taken into custody, Nowitzke proclaimed, “Y’all don’t got (stuff) that can slow me down,” he said, according to the affidavit. “Next time, I’ll have a pit bull to kill you and the police dogs.”

Nowitzke also said:  “Once I do some steroids I’ll be real ferocious.”

He was booked into Manatee County Jail without bond on aggravated assault, simple battery, and resisting arrest charges. [Original Article]

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