Florida Man Slashes 27 Tires, Claims He was Sabotaged Due to Secret Government Exposure
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Florida Man Slashes 27 Tires, Claims Was Sabotaged by Secret Government Exposure

Florida Man November 6

[MIAMI-DADE] Florida Man was arrested for slashing 27 tires on 17 different cars.  Although he was recorded committing the crime, he had a very serious reason why he did it. Florida Man said he was being “sabotaged” because he was “exposed to secret government information.”

According to WFLA, Juan Pablo Ramos-Nieto, 41, showed up in court, where he was charged with misdemeanors for each of the tires slashed. He was caught on camera slashing the tires of multiple cars in a southwest Miami-Dade neighborhood. One of the cars happened to also be a marked Homestead Police vehicle.

In a video from the courtroom shared by WFLA a court official in the video below is heard warning him that anything said could be used against him. Ramos-Nieto shouted out that he was dealing with “secret government influence” and was told to “act like a security guard at an airport”.

“I was exposed to secret government information. I’m dealing with a federal case, and I’m being sabotaged,” Florida Man said. “And I’m being sabotaged, too. I’m being demonized. I warned the CIA that. That if I’m not that if I continue being demonized more like a government building on fire that’s unoccupied.”

According to the police report, he caused over $6,000 in damages after slashing the tires with a knife. The report said he is also dealing with mental health issues.

The arrest report also mentioned one neighbor claimed it was the second time he slashed his tires.

The judge set Ramos-Nieto’s bond to $10,000.

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