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Florida Man holding “Death to America” sign Beat up by Americans

Florida Man March 31

After a couple spotted a man holding a sign that read “Death to America” on a curb in Middleburg, Florida, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

According to a Clay County Sheriff’s Office report, the other side of the Charles Brownett’s sign said, “Because of Obama’s policies.” A female passenger in a passing gray Nissan Titan yelled to the man, “Why don’t you leave America?”

Brownett yelled back, “Give me some money,” the report detailed.

The man wearing the orange shirt shouted to Brownett, “Actually, I like that sign, give it to me,” witnesses told deputies.

The two struggled over the sign and the man wearing the orange shirt tackled the victim. An unknown citizen tried to break up the altercation when the female passenger from the Nissan Titan came over and kicked the victim several times, the report detailed.

The man wearing the orange shirt used the “break in the conflict” to punch Brownett in the face several times with a closed fist.

The victim had bruises on his face and had scrapes to his knees from the attack.

Several witnesses recorded the entire struggle on cellphone video, and one witness sent video to Action News Jax. Deputies were able to identify the man and woman in the Nissan Titan and the “case is active pending contact with the suspect,” the report detailed.

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