Florida Woman Bites Daughters Brest During Fight
Indian River County Sheriff's Office
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Florida Woman Bites Daughter’s Nipple During Argument

Florida Man August 5

Florida Woman bit her 16-year-old daughter’s nipple during a violent argument over money. Actually, the mother-daughter duo couldn’t even agree what they were arguing about.  No matter what, Florida Woman doesn’t fight fair.

According to an Indian River Country Sheriff’s Report, obtained by The Smoking Gun, Joy Young, 38, was arguing with her daughter, Diamond LaCrystal Simmons, 16, when the argument became physical.

Young claims she confronted her daughter because she was never take care of her own baby. But according to Simmons the fight was over money.  She claimed her mother was trying to collect Social Security checks for her 2 month old daughter.  No matter which one is telling the truth, it turned violent quickly.

At this point Simmons claims her mother started scratching her face causing it to bleed.  She said her mother then bit her breast, around the nipple area.

The investigator noticed that the 16-year-old ha blood on her face and also blood on her shirt near her breast.  The investigator didn’t notice any marks or blood on her mother.

Young was charged with child abuse and the case was referred to DCF since her daughter was under age.


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