Florida Man Headbutts Car Window, Flops Out Like a Dolphin
Marion County Sheriff's Office
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Florida Man Headbutts Car Window, Flops Out Like a Dolphin, Says He’s “High as F–k”

Florida Man October 15

[MARION COUNTY] – You’ve got to watch video of this Florida Man as he headbutts the car window to try to escape through the window.  According to a Facebook post by Marion County Sheriff’s Office he “came flying out like a dolphin”.

Florida Man Tyler Fayconsolo was arrested October 15th after taking Sheriff deputies on a wild chase.  “You see, Tyler decided not to use his head most of the night, and it started with him leaving the Circle K at a high rate of speed, driving erratically” according to the post.  Fayconsolo then drove speed up to 100 mph and ran a red light. Police thought he was under the influence so they attempted to pull him over.


Yet again, Tyler didn’t use his head, and he refused to stop. Fayconsolo made every attempt to avoid being stopped by police.  At one point he swerved into the other lane and almost his two people. At this point sheriff deputies deployed stop sticks which popped all 4 tires on Fayconsolo’s car.

But this Florida Man still decided he wasn’t finished trying to get away.  He then drove through a fence into someone’s yard.  He didn’t realize the other side of the fence was reinforced with concrete.  When he hit the concrete the car was completely disabled. But the Florida Man STILL didn’t give up.

At this point Fayconsolo headbutts the car window on the passenger side to try to get out. He hit it so hard that the force took him through the window and onto the ground below. He then got up and thought it was a good idea to run from a K9 officer.  Once the K9 was released the chase was finished as the canine “took a bite out of crime” – and also out of Florida Man.

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