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Florida Man Jailed After Reporting For Jury Duty Drunk, Supreme Court Reverses

The Florida Supreme Court has reversed a criminal contempt charge against a Florida man who was drunk when he reported for jury duty.
According to court records, Noel Plank appeared for jury duty at the Leon County Courthouse in 2013. In response to general biographical questioning, Plank advised the trial judge that he had various issues that would make it difficult for him to serve on the jury.
“I work a full day. I work 13 hours on Thursdays, and I have no time or money to sit in court waiting for all of y’all,” Plank said. “First of all, I’m going to tell you straight out. I’m antiwar, Vietnam draft card burner, and avoided the Vietnam war. I’m also 4F.”
When the judge inquired about the meaning of “4F,” Plank responded:

“Unqualified for military. Another thing is I’m anti-government. I have not voted since Ronald Reagan was president. I’m not even registered to vote. And I’m also, to tell you the truth, I’m a drunk.”
The trial judge did not excuse Plank based on those reasons, and jury selection continued.

In response to later general questions pertaining to his background, Plank said, “… And as far as victim of crime, yes, I have been a victim of several crimes, identity theft, theft of over a thousand dollars’ worth of professional camera equipment, theft of cell phone, and I’ve been burglarized a couple of times, nothing serious taken except a six-pack of beer, which I was kind of teed off at, because I was looking forward to having a beer after work, when I got home after work. And the police officer says—the sheriff’s asking me, “Did you check the fridge?” I said, “I never thought of that.”  Read more here:


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