Carl Minix and his 3-month old Capuchin Monkey, Henry.

Florida Man Offers $10,000 for the Safe Return of His Stolen Monkey

[SOUTHWEST RANCHES] – A Broward County couple’s pet monkey was stolen from their home, and now they are hoping for its safe return.

Carl Minix was out with his wife having dinner when someone broke into their house through a bedroom window and took their 3-month old capuchin monkey, Henry.

Minix said he spent nearly $9,000 on Henry, a lot of which included permit fees to obtain him.  “I worked a long time to be able to get him,” Minix said. Clearly, to Minix, money was the last of his concerns. “That’s my child,” he said.

A pet detective has been hired to help find Henry. In addition, A $10,000 award has been offered for his safe return home.

If you have any info regarding Henry’s whereabouts, call 502-424-9469 or contact Jamie Katz.



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