Drunken Florida Man Threatens to Stab Coworkers, Strips Naked, Passes Out
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Drunken Florida Man Threatens to Stab Coworkers, Strips Naked, Passes Out

Deputies were dispatched to Nichols Seafood in Conch Key on Friday night in regards to a drunken and disorderly person.

According to employees, 46-year-old Adianel Morales was asked to leave after drinking on the job and becoming belligerent. Coworkers say he spray painted a security camera and caused over $1,000 in damages before grabbing a knife and threatening other employees. After a struggle, they were able to take the knife away.

The Florida Man then stripped naked, walked around the property and passed out in the restaurant’s office.

Deputies found Morales naked and asleep in the office. When they told him to put some clothes on, the Florida Man cursed at them and tried to slam the door shut. After being warned he would be tased if he didn’t comply, he attempted to grab something in the office, to which the deputy responded by drawing his gun. It was at this point that the Florida Man decided to cooperate.

According to the sheriff’s office, Morales smelled of alcohol and his speech was slurred. While being detained, he refused to get into the patrol car, kicking deputies and wishing for “death by cop”. He was tased and placed into the car.

On his way to jail, the Florida Man continued to be combative, banging his head against the partition of the patrol car. He was charged with disorderly intoxication, criminal mischief and resisting with violence. Original Article

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