Florida Man and Drug Dealer wearing a Who Needs Drugs T-shirt
Pasco Sheriff's Office
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Florida Man Dealing Drugs While Wearing “I Have Drugs” T-Shirt

Florida Man January 7

A Florida man who was wearing a T-shirt that read “I Have Drugs” has been arrested after police found he was carrying crystal meth and cannabis.

John Richard Balmer, 50, of Hudson, Florida, was arrested by Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, who compounded his misfortune by posting a mugshot featuring the T-shirt on their Facebook page.

According to custody documents, Balmer is facing charges of possession of methampehtamine and a further charge of possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana.

Balmer was arrested on Monday at the Kmart in Hudson, Florida, which is about 30 miles north west of Tampa.

Pasco County Sheriff’s Office published a photograph of Balmer’s arrest with the comment: ‘OHH THE IRONY! 50 year old John Balmer was arrested and charged with possession of meth at the Kmart in Hudson. Pay close attention to the t-shirt.’

Balmer’s T-shirt asked ‘WHO NEEDS DRUGS – No, seriously, I have drugs.’ The T-shirt is available for $12.49 on eBay.

According to an arrest report seen by the Tampa Bay Times, when Balmer saw a sheriff’s deputy walk into the store he tried to pass a ‘bag of green leafy substance’ to the person standing behind him in the queue.

Balmer then approached the counter, paid for his items and left the bag on the floor. Shop staff told the deputy about the bag and he was arrested at the scene.

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You DOPE… no, seriously! Police search man wearing T-shirt with slogan ‘No, Seriously, I Have Drugs’ – and find drugs 

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