Florida Man and Girlfriend Trapped in Unlocked Closet for 2 Days January 1
Volusia County Sheriff's Office
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Florida Man And Girlfriend “Trapped” in Unlocked Closet for 2 Days

Florida Man January 1

A Florida Man and his girlfriend had to dial 911 to be rescued because they thought they were “trapped” in an unlocked closet for two days.

John Arwood, 31, and Amber Campbell, 25, told police that someone had chased them into the closet at Daytona State College’s Marine and Environmental Science Center on Sunday. Once they were inside the janitor’s closet, they couldn’t get out.

But it wasn’t until Tuesday that Arwood decided to call 911. When Daytona Beach police arrived, they discovered that the door did not lock.

Cops found human feces and copper scouring pads often used to smoke crack, in the closet. Luckily for Florida Man and his girlfriend they didn’t find any actual drugs.  After being trapped in the unlocked closet for 2 days, most likely there wouldn’t have been any left anyway.

Arwood and Campbell were both charged with trespassing.

Campbell was also charged with violating her probation. In 2013, she was arrested after escaping a mental health treatment facility. When she was finally apprehended she fooled police so that she could slip out of her handcuffs and run into the woods.

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