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  • Florida Man Steals Cigarettes, Hides Them up His Butt

    [CRESTVIEW] – A Florida Man serving jail time was busted stealing a fellow inmates’ cigarettes when they were found hidden up his butt. After a strip search, correctional officers noticed a latex glove protruding out of the 18-year old man’s butt crack. After being instructed to remove the glove, inside were six Marlboro cigarettes, filters removed. […] More

  • Florida Man Attacked by Pit Bull He Ordered to Bite Police

    [RIVIERA BEACH] – A Florida Man’s plan backfired when a pit bull he instructed to attack cops bit him instead. 26-year old Avery Davis, who matched the description of a burglary suspect, was confronted by police. Davis was ordered to lay on the ground. He complied while holding on to his pit bull that was with […] More

  • Florida Woman Bites Husband for Changing Computer Password

    [PALM BAY] – A Florida Woman was arrested after biting her husband when he changed their computer password. 53-year old Mary Jo King got into an argument with her husband before jumping on his back and striking him. While attached to her husband’s back, she bit him on the head. When questioned by police, King refused […] More

  • Florida Man Dresses as Infamous ‘I-4 Eyesore’ for Halloween

    [ORLANDO] – A Florida Man has unofficially won Halloween this year by dressing up as an infamous building in Central Florida. The Majesty building is an 18-story skyscraper in Altamonte Springs that has been in development since 2001. Commonly referred to as the “I-4 Eyesore”, the building has been the subject of memes and ridicule, with […] More

  • Florida Man Chases Bear Out Of His Home

    [SEMINOLE COUNTY] – A Florida Man’s conference call was put on hold when a bear wandered into his garage. Brad Tamm of Seminole was at his home office in the middle of a conference call when the bear made his way into the garage. The bear opened the fridge in search for food. “He was in […] More

  • Florida Man Too Fat for Prison

    [TAMPA] – The attorney of a Florida Man who was found guilty of a tax scheme says his client is too fat to goto prison. More

  • Florida Man Masturbates in Front of Hospital Staff, Then Punches them

    [APOPKA] – A Florida Man was arrested after masturbating in a hospital, then attacking the staff after being asked to pull up his pants. 36 Year old Juan Delon faces multiple charges including aggravated battery and indecent exposure. The incident occurred at Florida Hospital Apopka, Where Delon repeatedly touched himself in front of staff and other […] More

  • Florida Man Steals Bird, Attacks Mom, 2 Sons, Burns down Mobile Home

    [CITRUS COUNTY] – A Florida man was arrested after burning down a mobile home and assaulting the family inside last week. 59-year old William Gonsisko, who lives down the street from the victims, was found by police holding the family’s pet bird. Melinda Ward says Gonsisko hit her in the face and arm with a shovel. […] More

  • Florida Woman Attacks 7-Eleven Clerk with Nacho Cheese

    [MELBOURNE] – A Florida woman faces battery charges after throwing hot nacho cheese at a 7-Eleven clerk. 31-year old Stephanie Hicks, walked into the Melbourne convenience store at about 2am on Thursday to purchase a sandwich and a cup of nacho cheese. The clerk told Hicks not to open the cheese dispenser for some reason, but Hicks […] More

  • Florida Man Swallows Marijuana Stash to Avoid Jail, Goes to Jail

    [FRUITLAND PARK] –  A Florida Man was arrested after swallowing his marijuana stash in hopes of avoiding jail. 27-year old Jose Ferrer Morales was pulled over after speeding in an SUV on County Road 466A in Fruitland Park. When the deputy approached Morales, he appeared nervous and was lighting a cigarette. The officer noticed a […] More

  • Florida Man Uses Confederate Flag as Weapon

    [HOLLYWOOD] – A Florida Man has been arrested on multiple charges including inciting a riot after threatening a crowd of people at Hollywood City Hall. The crowd gathered in support of removing Confederate Generals names from city streets. The man, identified as 21-year-old Christopher Monzon, threatened and charged at the crowd while brandishing a Confederate flagpole. […] More

  • Florida Man Arrested for 26th Time

    [SANTA ROSA COUNTY] – A Florida Man has been arrested for the 26th time, amassing a photo album of different mugshots. 32-year old Nathan Holder, was most recently arrested on failure to appear and fraud impersonation charges. Holder’s mugshots show a variety of different looks over the years, including multiple hair and beard styles. He also […] More

  • Florida Man Stuffs Over $1000 in Rectum

    [MARION COUNTY] – According to Marion County Deputies, A Florida Man shoved more than $1000 cash up his butt after being arrested. It all started when 26 year old Pattreon Stokes was pulled over in in the early hours of the morning on a speeding charge. The deputy who pulled him over noticed the smell of […] More

  • Florida Man on the Run After Defecating Behind Local Business

    [CRESTVIEW] – Crestview police are on the lookout for a Florida Man who defecated behind a local jewelry store. Dubbed “CrapperMan” by locals, Security footage from the business shows the shirtless, bearded man dropping his pants. According to the Crestview Police Facebook page, the man has been identified and an arrest warrant is in the process […] More

  • Florida Man Arrested for Stealing Car When he Stops to Look at Eclipse

    [KISSIMMEE] – After stealing a car, a Florida Man decided the total eclipse was too important to miss out on, getaway be damned. According to deputies, Jocsan Rosado stole the vehicle, then stopped at a hardware store to purchase a welding mask so he could watch the eclipse. After police ran the car’s plate, Rosado was […] More

  • Florida Man hits 17 Cars While Trying to Park

    A Florida Man faces DUI charges after striking not 1, not 2 – but 17 vehicles at an Osceola County Apartment complex. The Gate Apartments in Davenport called police reporting an impaired driver who had struck a total of 17 vehicles while driving a blue 2003 Chevy Blazer. Tony Futch, the man behind the wheel […] More

  • Florida Man Drives Burning Car, Then Shoots at it

    [FORT PIERCE] – A Florida Man is in Jail after kicking a burning car, driving it around, and shooting at it. Witnesses say 24 year old Marcos Gonzalez-Salinas was speeding around in the vehicle, which belonged to his girlfriend. After some time had passed, the car, a blue Cadillac, caught on fire. Attempting to put the […] More

  • Drunken Florida Woman Bites Fisherman’s Line, Swims Away

    [ST. AUGUSTINE] – A Florida Man was fishing in St. Augustine when a Florida Woman cursed at him, bit his fishing line, and swam off with it. According to Deputies, the incident occurred Tuesday evening. 22 year old Alexandria Turner was asked to come to the pier office after biting the mans line. She became belligerent […] More

  • Florida Man Arrested After Cocaine-Fueled Corvette Chase

    [OCALA] – A Florida Man was arrested after leading police on a chase with speeds clocking in at 100 miles per hour. David Whitlow faces multiple charges including driving under the influence and possession of marijuana and cocaine. Police received a call about a red Corvette driving recklessly on SW 60th Avenue in Ocala. The deputy […] More

  • Florida Man Offers Cop $10000 to go Free, Gets Another Charge Instead

    A Florida Man’s attempt to bribe a cop landed him in jail along with an additional charge. Michael Schaedel was pulled over by Tampa police after being seen driving erratically – blocking a crosswalk at a stop, and then peeling out with tires screeching. He was also found going over the speed limit. After being […] More

  • Florida Man Beats Accused Rapist, Drags Him to Deputy

    [GREENACRES] –  A Florida Man delivered some vigilante justice after hearing that a 13-year old had been raped. The mother of the 13-year old called Dennis Padilla Vindel, whose relationship is redacted from police records, after someone spotted the girl running into a neighbors home. She was running from Roberto Rubio, the accused rapist. When […] More

  • Florida Man Brags on Snapchat About Stolen Gun, Gets Arrested

    [PANAMA CITY BEACH] – A Florida man faces charges after Snapchat posts show he allegedly stole a gun. Police records say 19-year old Jeffrey Parker and a minor stole a loaded gun from the Island Reserve Condos in Panama City beach on Wednesday. The following day the victim received a call claiming the suspects posted […] More

  • Florida Man Sets Scooter on Fire Because He ‘Got Mad at it’

    ST. PETE BEACH – A drunk Florida Man got mad at his scooter – so naturally, he set it on fire. Deputies received a report of a fire on the 8600 block of Blind Pass road. What they found when they got there was a flaming 2016 Taizhou scooter, or what was left of it. […] More

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