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  • Florida Man Wields Samurai Sword During Road Rage Incident

    [BROOKSVILLE] – A road rage argument resulted in a Florida Man pulling out a samurai sword. It started when Daniel Seymour went for a drive to deal with his anger after a fight with his wife. Unfortunately, Seymour decided to take his anger out on other drivers. Police say Seymour began brake-checking a vehicle behind […] More

  • Florida Man Robs Store, Then Shoots Himself

    [OCALA] – A Masked Florida Man’s robbery ended with him shooting himself. Robbery suspect, 33-year old Rodney Snow, was taken to the Intensive care unit at Ocala Regional Medical center. He is believed to be behind multiple robberies in adjacent counties. After robbing a Citgo gas station, Snow was spotted by a deputy who instructed […] More

  • Florida Man Uses Hammerhead Shark as a Beer Bong

    [TAMPA] – A disturbing video showing a group of people on a boat pouring beer into a hammerhead shark’s gills may be connected to other similar videos of shark abuse. The video, taken with Snapchat, was posted to a fishing page on Facebook, captioned “Who needs a beer bong”. Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission are […] More

  • Naked Florida Man Says He Robbed Bank Because He’s Trying To Be A Comedian

    [MIAMI] – A naked Florida Man who robbed a bank, then ran down the street throwing money into the air told police he was trying to “begin his career as a comedian”. 25-year old Alexander Hayden Sperber was arrested after robbing the Regions Bank at 100 Southeast 3rd Ave. Police reports say that Sperber demanded money, […] More

  • Florida Man Charged After Molesting Horse

    [VALPARAISO] – A Florida Man is under arrest after molesting a horse and possibly having multiple sexual encounters with it. 26-year old Darius Galloway was caught on camera having sex with the horse. He faces multiple charges including sexual activities involving animals, burglary and petit theft. The encounters appear to have started back in April, […] More

  • Florida Man Drives His Jeep Off Dock

    Sponsored by Clearwater Sponsored by Crash Sponsored by Driver Sponsored by Drunk Sponsored by DUI Sponsored by Fail Sponsored by Jeep Sponsored by Largo Sponsored by Vehicles [CLEARWATER] – A Florida Man faces DUI charges after driving his Jeep off a dock. 21-year old Ryan Jones of Largo, approached a fork in the road. Instead of […] More

  • Florida Man Tries To Steal Police Car With Officer Inside

    [FORT PIERCE] – A Florida Man was arrested after attempting to steal a police car – with a police officer inside it. According to the officer, he opened his vehicle door and saw 20-year old Aaron Orlando Rodriguez inside. The officer had left the car running, so Rodriguez saw an opportunity to steal it. The […] More

  • Florida Man Arrested After Yelling, Dragging Table into Street

    [VERO BEACH] – A Florida Man was arrested after yelling, waving a cane and dragging a table into the street. 70-year old Dale Martin Reynolds was charged with disorderly conduct after police received complaints of him harassing residents. Police were able to calm the man down temporarily, but he began yelling loudly at deputies before dragging […] More

  • Florida Woman Attacks Brother With Chicken Nuggets

    [BRADENTON] – A Florida Woman faces charges after an attack with chicken nuggets. 20-year old Asia Iesha Jimenez was feeding her son, when Jimenez’s brother took some of his food. Upset by this, Jimenez pelted her brother with the chicken nuggets, before a full blow fight began. The two threw punches at each other before their […] More

  • Florida Man With Meth in Pocket Threatens Workers With Weed Eater

    [OKALOOSA COUNTY] – Florida Man found with meth in his pocket has been arrested after threatening utility workers with a weed eater. 32-year old Austin Hopper was cutting grass along a road on U.S. Highway 98 near Destin, when utility workers showed up to install an underground pipe. Upset by this for some reason, Hopper approached one […] More

  • Elderly Florida Man Covers Girlfriend In Sex Lube, Beats Her Up After Refusing Sex

    [CLEARWATER] – An elderly Florida Man has been arrested after dousing his girlfriend in sex lube and attacking her because she refused sex with him. 77-year old Roger Archambault squirted the lubricant on his girlfriend Carmen Reineck, after she declined to have sex in their Clearwater apartment. After getting into an argument earlier regarding family matters, […] More

  • Florida Man Claiming To Have AIDS Brandishes Needle

    [ORLANDO] – A Florida Man claiming to have AIDS while pointing a needle at a loss prevention officer has been arrested. According to the security officer of an Orlando Home Depot, 47-year old Dennis Hamlett removed 2 Bosch grinders from their packaging, put them into his pants and walked out of the store. When the security […] More

  • High-Speed Chase Ends with Naked Florida Man Atop Bleachers

    [APALACHICOLA] – A Florida Man who led police on a high-speed chase, stripped naked and ran to the top of a set of bleachers has been arrested. According to police, Andrew David Blake, of St. Petersburg, was seen speeding through neighborhoods at 70 mph in a Camaro. Police pursued Blake, and after catching up with him, […] More

  • Florida Man Sent Photos of His Genitals to Local Real Estate Agents

    [PINELLAS PARK] – A Florida Man was arrested Friday after sending sexual messages and photos of his genitals to a 73-year old woman. The woman, an unidentified real estate agent, contacted police after receiving the text messages from an unknown person. When she replied to the messages, she received pictures of a man’s genitals. After an […] More

  • Florida Man Unplugs Bounce House with Kids Inside

    [PORT ST. LUCIE] –  A Florida Man has been arrested after unplugging a bounce house that had children inside of it during a birthday party. 70-year-old Charles Wortruba was caught by surveillance last month unplugging the bounce house that was rented for a girl’s birthday party. Six children were inside the house when it was […] More

  • Naked Florida Man Attacks Police Car, Urinates on It

    [MARION COUNTY] – A Florida Man has been arrested after causing approximately $1000 in damages to a police car. 18-year-old Andrew Humphries was found by deputies walking naked along US Highway 441 on Wednesday, after fleeing the scene of a crash. After the deputy attempted to speak with Humphries, he attempted to open the door of the […] More

  • Florida Man Wearing Bucket on Head Breaks into Store, Steals Pigeons

    [MIAMI] – Police are seeking a Florida Man who broke into a religious store in Miami and stole their pigeons. Surveillance footage shows the burglar jumping the fence, wearing a bucket on his head and a trash bag around his shoulders. Once inside, he took a cage full of pigeons that the victims said are worth […] More

  • Florida Man Dressed as Santa had Weed, Molly, Ecstasy

    [DUVAL COUNTY] – A Florida Man Dressed as Santa was arrested Monday for having Marijuana and other drugs on him. 41-year old Isaac Geiger was seen going back and forth to a U-Haul truck in a business parking lot. When police spotted Geiger, he tried to run, but tripped over his Santa pants. Police attempted to arrest him, Geiger […] More

  • Tutu-Wearing Florida man breaks into Farmer’s Market

    [TAMPA] – A Florida Man has been arrested after being seen breaking into a farmer’s market donning a tutu and wig. 22 Year old Jevon Ryner Jamison was recorded by surveillance cameras with another man breaking into a farmer’s market at 1718 Fletcher Ave. In Tampa. After the men broke inside, cameras recorded Jamison eating fruit […] More

  • Florida Man Attacks Boyfriend with Ramen

    [PINELLAS PARK] – A Florida Man has been arrested after attacking his boyfriend with a bowl of ramen noodles. 6-foot 7, 200 pound Michael Herrick got into an argument revolving around “questions of fidelity”, according to police. Herrick says he hit the man with a cup of noodles in retaliation after his boyfriend threw water at him. […] More

  • Florida Man Stabs Father for Trying to Circumcise Him

    [MIAMI] – A Florida Man has been arrested after stabbing his father in the neck because his father wanted to circumcise him. The police report states that 20 year old suspect Alex Fultz’s stabbed his father in the neck while sleeping on the couch. He was flown to Jackson South Community Hospital for his wound. Fultz, […] More

  • Florida Man Brings Car to a Bar Fight

    [TAMPA] –  A brawl that went off outside a bar in Tampa resulted in several people being ran over by a Florida Man behind the wheel. Surveillance shows a multi-man melee, when suddenly, a black sedan plows through the fight, pinning multiple men against the bar. The driver attempted to make his getaway, when others in […] More

  • Florida Man Arrested After Fighting Over Cold Fries

    [ST. AUGUSTINE] – A Florida man has been arrested for misdemeanor battery after an argument at a Steak ‘n Shake over cold fries. According to him, after being given cold fries, 25 year old Tavares Jones requested a fresh order with ketchup. The employee allegedly cursed at him and slammed the drive thru window in […] More

  • Florida Man Runs Himself over after Leaving Strip Club

    [ORANGE COUNTY] – A Florida Man who ran himself over with his own pickup truck after leaving a strip club is being sought after by police. The 28-year old man had just left the Dancers Royale Strip club at around 2:15, when he fell out of his 2016 Ford pickup truck. The pickup ran over the […] More

  • Florida Woman Caught Defecating in Front of Stolen Truck

    [PORT ST. LUCIE] –  A Florida Woman has been arrested after police found her defecating in front of a truck which was stolen from her mother. 58-year old Robin McKenzie was caught defecating by police in front of the stolen truck, in a Wendy’s parking lot. Mckenzie stated to police that the restaurant was closed, […] More

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