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  • Florida Man Goes to Steak N’ Shake, Urinates on Floor, Goes to Sleep

    [TAMPA] – A Florida man who urinated in front of dozens of customers at a Tampa Steak n’ Shake has been arrested. 45-year old James Steadman was observed sitting in a booth at a Tampa Steak n’ Shake at around midnight on Saturday. He then stood up, unzipped his pants, exposing himself, then proceeded to urinate […] More

  • Florida Man Tosses Bags of Weed from Vehicle, Says F*ck the Police

    [VERO BEACH] – A Florida Man was arrested after taking police on a high-speed chase tossing bags of weed out the window of the vehicle along the way. 19-year old Tyler Thomas Adams faces a plethora of charges, including Driving on a Suspended Driver’s License, Marijuana Possession, Felony Tampering of evidence, and Felony Flee & Elude. On […] More

  • Florida Man Pistol-Whips Woman over KFC

    [WEST PALM BEACH]  – A Florida Man has been arrested after allegedly punching, then pistol-whipping a woman during an argument over KFC. Police responded to a West Palm home on Dec. 2, when a woman said 37- Year old Calvin Shuler hit her with a gun and punched her, according to the arrest report. Police say the victim […] More

  • Florida Man Caught Stabbing Inflatable Yard Snowman

    [ST. CLOUD] – Surveillance footage from a St. Cloud Homeowner shows a Florida Man stabbing their inflatable yard snowman. The owner posted the footage of the incident, which occurred on December 1st, on Facebook in the hopes of ID-ing the individual. No word on if a formal investigation is underway. [Original Article] More

  • Florida Man Steals Beer, Says He Was Just Exchanging It for Cold Ones

    [VERO BEACH] –  A Florida man caught stealing a 12 pack at a Publix in Vero Beach told authorities he was simply exchanging it for a colder pack. 49-year old Donnie Alan Goss was seen entering the Publix, placing a 12-pack of Budweiser into a duffle bag, then walking out of the store. A loss […] More

  • Florida Man Breaks into Garage, Drinks Wine Cooler, Takes Torch

    [RIVERVIEW] – A Florida Man faces burglary charges after breaking into a garage, then helping himself to a wine cooler and a torch. According to reports, 38-year old Matthew Genuex of Tampa broke into a garage on Krycul Ave. In Riverview. Once inside, he took a wine cooler out of the fridge along with a torch. The […] More

  • Florida Man Shouts Racial Slurs, Urinates on Wall, Asks Cop to Smoke Weed with Him

    [STUART] – A Florida Man was arrested on drug charges after asking a deputy if he wanted to smoke weed with him. Police were called to a Publix grocery store in Stuart, Florida regarding an “unwanted guest”, 48-year old Anthony Rocha. Rocha had apparently urinated in the front of the store, then yelled at an employee […] More

  • Florida Man Draws Violent Scene on Child’s Homework

    [GULF COUNTY] – A Florida Man faces charges after he drew a picture depicting a school shootout on a student’s homework assignment. An investigation was prompted by school staff after seeing the drawing, which included a burning schoolhouse, a person shooting at a line of people with the words” Pew Pew Pew” next to it, a person […] More

  • Florida Man Stops in the Middle of Car Chase to Shoot up Heroin

    [SILVER SPRINGS] – A Florida Man on the run from deputies stopped mid-chase to shoot up some heroin. According to Marion County Sherrif’s Office, a detective arrived at John Stephens home on Monday to arrest him on an outstanding warrant. Stephens spotted the officer and took off, stealing a family member’s car in the process. A second […] More

  • Florida Man Swings Dildo at Cops

    [MARTIN COUNTY] – A Florida Man faces charges after trespassing, then swinging a dildo at police when confronted. A man contacted police in regards to someone sleeping on his property in the 21100 block of SW Warfield Boulevard. Investigators arrived on the scene to fine 71-year old Donald Hornback sleeping next to a bike against the […] More

  • Florida Man Kills Homeless Man with 3-Foot Sword

    [LAKE WORTH] A Florida Man faces murder charges after killing a man with a three-foot sword. 51-year old George C. Livingston is currently held without bond on charges of “murder dangerous depraved without premeditation.”, according to the Palm Beach Detention Center’s booking sheet. The victim, whose name hasn’t been released was found around 4 p.m. on […] More

  • Florida Man Tries to Steal Car – Full of Cops

    [PASCO COUNTY] – If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again – Unless you’re Florida Man. 49-year old Stephen Titland spent Tuesday night trying to break into seven different vehicles on Hawbuck Street in Trinity Oaks. All of the doors were locked however, and nothing was stolen. Homeowners caught the man on surveillance footage, but […] More

  • Florida Man Walks out of Strip Club with ATM

    [TAMPA] - A Florida Man decided instead of blowing cash in a strip club, to steal from one - a whole ATM full of it, on Tuesday. The unidentified man was seen loading the cash machine into a stolen U-Haul truck with the license AD71108. The theft happened at approx. 10:45 a.m. Tuesday at Secrets [...]
  • Florida Man Bites Cop during Court Hearing

    [MIAMI] – A Florida Man bit off more than he could chew in a Miami courtroom Monday after biting a police officer. The defendant, 29-year old Godel Leveille, attacked and chomped down on the Miami-Dade officer after standing before a judge in the Miami Metro justice Building. Leveille “took a chunk of meat out his right […] More

  • Florida Man Covered in Face Tattoos Busted for Car Theft

    [OCALA] – A Florida Man whose face is covered in facial tattoos has been tracked down by police after stealing a car. Deputies spotted a stolen 2005 Hyundai pull into the Queens Garden Resort in Ocala on Saturday. 26-year old Robert Wade Hardister got out of the car and ran off. The Deputy, Matthew Hooper along […] More

  • Florida Man Leaves Kids in the Car to Enjoy Strip Club

    [FORT MEYERS] – A Florida Man has been arrested after leaving his two kids, one 3 months old – in his car while he went to a strip club. Willie Jordan Jr. was arrested at Scarlett’s strip club in Fort Meyers after two children were found in the backseat of a car in the parking lot. […] More

  • Florida Man Runs Moonshine Operation on His Property

    [MILTON] – A Florida man is facing felony charges after running an moonshine operation on his property. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation found a moonshine still on 52-year old John Braxton Ward’s property. They were investigating a narcotics violation unrelated to Ward when they discovered the still. The Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco […] More

  • Florida Man Stabs Friend over Pizza

    [MELBOURNE] – A Florida Man got so pissed at his friend for eating a slice of his pizza that he stabbed him. 25-year old Drew Cywinski told police he first hit the man in the head with a golf club, then cut him on the chest several times. The two men involved were both smoking a […] More

  • Florida Man Does Donuts on Scooter at Checkers, Chases After Woman

    [VERO BEACH] – A Florida Man has been arrested after doing donuts in a Checkers parking lot on his scooter, then chasing after the woman who called 911. A woman was waiting on her food in a Checkers parking lot in Vero Beach. 24-year old Robert Joseph Fishman, who was doing donuts in the parking lot […] More

  • Naked Florida Man Runs into Woman’s House, Tries on Her Clothes

    [NEW SMYRNA BEACH] A Florida Man ran through a woman’s home completely naked, then tried some of her clothes on. 82-year old Sylvia Garmon discovered a naked man in her home in Smyrna Beach on Tuesday. The man, identified as Joseph Vaglica entered through the garage of the home. Garmon confronted him, called the police, and […] More

  • 92-Year Old Florida Man Accused of Grabbing Breasts at Nursing Home

    [SEBASTIAN] An elderly Florida Man and nursing home volunteer has been arrested after a patient says he inappropriately touched her breasts. 92-year old Henry Iacometta denies the accusations. “I am a 92-year-old man. I have no reason to do such things,” the police report states. Iacometta volunteered at the Palm Garden of Vero Beach , an […] More

  • Florida Man Drives Drunk on Lawnmower While Carrying Beer

    [PORT ST. LUCIE] –  A Florida Man faces charges after drunk driving in a lawnmower while carrying a case of beer. A Police Officer saw 56-year old Kenneth Burton Alleshouse driving a lawnmower erratically on a road. He was also carrying a case of Budweiser beer. The officer noticed a strong smell of alcohol coming […] More

  • Florida Man Crashes Car onto Beach after Too Many Drinks at the Strip Club

    [MONROE COUNTY] – A Florida Man who had one too many drinks at a local strip club crashed his car on a beach. 32-year old Lino De Jesus Aguirre Treminio was found on the beach at Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park with his car stuck on the rocks. Police say Aguirre Terminio told them he […] More

  • Florida Man Does Parkour, Falls Three Stories

    [COCOA] – Police say a Florida Man who fell three stories off a building may have been doing parkour. Parkour, is an acrobatic “sport” where people run and jump between buildings and other structures. Witnesses told police that the unidentified man was seen on the roof of the building in Cocoa beach with two other men. […] More

  • Florida Man Walks around Neighborhood in Underwear, Yells Obscenities

    [SEBASTIAN] – Police have arrested a Florida Man after receiving reports of him walking through a neighborhood in his underwear 2:30 a.m. When police questioned 63-year old John Paul Main, he told them he was lost and started yelling profanities. After Main ignored police asking the man to lower his voice, he was placed under arrest. […] More

  • Florida Man Drives by Mail Carrier, Shows off His Package

    [VERO BEACH] – A Florida Man who had a package of his own to deliver has been arrested after exposing himself to a mail carrier. 19-year old Thomas Patrick Spencer was spotted in a black pickup truck following the postal worker. The victim noticed Spencer following her from a cell phone repair shop into a mobile […] More

  • Florida Woman Gets DUI Riding Horse

    [LAKELAND] – A Florida Woman was arrested on Thursday for DUI on a horse. 53-year old Donna Byrne faces animal neglect charges as well for failing to provide proper protection for the horse. Byrne was riding in the middle of the road, putting it at risk to get hit by vehicles. Police responded to a report […] More

  • Florida Man Begs for Money, Flashes People, Spits on Cops

    [WEST PALM BEACH] –  A Florida Man decided to offer Gas station customers more than just gas, cheap coffee and snacks. 59-year old Constantin Preda faces indecent exposure charges after authorities say he asked customers at a West Palm Citgo gas station for money. When they refused, the man exposed himself. According to one Citgo […] More

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