Worst Superhero Ever.

  • Florida Man Urinates All over Inside of Plane

    [LEE COUNTY] – A Florida Man was arrested after urinating all over the toilet and floor of the bathroom on a Spirit Airlines flight, then refusing to leave despite requests from staff. More

  • Florida Man Makes Epic Getaway Riding on the Back of Speeding Truck

    [ORLANDO] – A Florida Man who attacked a woman made an epic getaway by riding the back of a speeding truck, and it was all caught on video. According to deputies, 20-year old Derrick Maestas attacked a woman on a Lynx bus after she spoke too loudly on her phone. Police say Maestas punched the woman […] More

  • Florida Man Punches Mailboxes, Gets Tased Four Times by Cops

    [BRADENTON] – A Florida Man had to be tased a total of four times by police before he could be subdued after an incident on Thursday. A deputy who was on patrol in Bradenton heard screaming coming down the street. He spotted 40-year old Izra Nowitzke, who was shirtless and bleeding from the head, pacing up and down […] More

  • Florida Man Says Scooter He Purchased Came with Meth, Coke and Other Drugs Inside

    [KEY LARGO] – A Florida Man explained to police that the scooter he purchased came packed with meth, cocaine and other drugs. A deputy spotted 21-year old Jesus Giovanni Ginjauma driving a Yamaha scooter in Key Largo Community Park that appeared to have no license plate. According to the police report, there was a tag on […] More

  • Florida Man Offers $10,000 for the Safe Return of His Stolen Monkey

    [SOUTHWEST RANCHES] – A Broward County couple’s pet monkey was stolen from their home, and now they are hoping for its safe return. Carl Minix was out with his wife having dinner when someone broke into their house through a bedroom window and took their 3-month old capuchin monkey, Henry. Minix said he spent nearly $9,000 on Henry, […] More

  • Florida Man Steals Swan Shaped Boat, Gets Stranded on Lake Eola Fountain

    [ORLANDO] – A Florida Man was arrested Thursday night after stealing a swan boat at Lake Eola, then stranding himself when it drifted away. The unidentified Florida Man made it to the fountain at around 3:30 a.m. via the stolen swan. However, the boat quickly drifted away, at which point the man began screaming for help. Orlando […] More

  • Florida Man Goes to Steak N’ Shake, Urinates on Floor, Goes to Sleep

    [TAMPA] – A Florida man who urinated in front of dozens of customers at a Tampa Steak n’ Shake has been arrested. 45-year old James Steadman was observed sitting in a booth at a Tampa Steak n’ Shake at around midnight on Saturday. He then stood up, unzipped his pants, exposing himself, then proceeded to urinate […] More

  • Florida Man Tosses Bags of Weed from Vehicle, Says F*ck the Police

    [VERO BEACH] – A Florida Man was arrested after taking police on a high-speed chase tossing bags of weed out the window of the vehicle along the way. 19-year old Tyler Thomas Adams faces a plethora of charges, including Driving on a Suspended Driver’s License, Marijuana Possession, Felony Tampering of evidence, and Felony Flee & Elude. On […] More

  • Florida Man Pistol-Whips Woman over KFC

    [WEST PALM BEACH]  – A Florida Man has been arrested after allegedly punching, then pistol-whipping a woman during an argument over KFC. Police responded to a West Palm home on Dec. 2, when a woman said 37- Year old Calvin Shuler hit her with a gun and punched her, according to the arrest report. Police say the victim […] More

  • Florida Man Caught Stabbing Inflatable Yard Snowman

    [ST. CLOUD] – Surveillance footage from a St. Cloud Homeowner shows a Florida Man stabbing their inflatable yard snowman. The owner posted the footage of the incident, which occurred on December 1st, on Facebook in the hopes of ID-ing the individual. No word on if a formal investigation is underway. [Original Article] More

  • Florida Man Steals Beer, Says He Was Just Exchanging It for Cold Ones

    [VERO BEACH] –  A Florida man caught stealing a 12 pack at a Publix in Vero Beach told authorities he was simply exchanging it for a colder pack. 49-year old Donnie Alan Goss was seen entering the Publix, placing a 12-pack of Budweiser into a duffle bag, then walking out of the store. A loss […] More

  • Florida Man Breaks into Garage, Drinks Wine Cooler, Takes Torch

    [RIVERVIEW] – A Florida Man faces burglary charges after breaking into a garage, then helping himself to a wine cooler and a torch. According to reports, 38-year old Matthew Genuex of Tampa broke into a garage on Krycul Ave. In Riverview. Once inside, he took a wine cooler out of the fridge along with a torch. The […] More

  • Florida Man Shouts Racial Slurs, Urinates on Wall, Asks Cop to Smoke Weed with Him

    [STUART] – A Florida Man was arrested on drug charges after asking a deputy if he wanted to smoke weed with him. Police were called to a Publix grocery store in Stuart, Florida regarding an “unwanted guest”, 48-year old Anthony Rocha. Rocha had apparently urinated in the front of the store, then yelled at an employee […] More

  • Florida Man Draws Violent Scene on Child’s Homework

    [GULF COUNTY] – A Florida Man faces charges after he drew a picture depicting a school shootout on a student’s homework assignment. An investigation was prompted by school staff after seeing the drawing, which included a burning schoolhouse, a person shooting at a line of people with the words” Pew Pew Pew” next to it, a person […] More

  • Florida Man Stops in the Middle of Car Chase to Shoot up Heroin

    [SILVER SPRINGS] – A Florida Man on the run from deputies stopped mid-chase to shoot up some heroin. According to Marion County Sherrif’s Office, a detective arrived at John Stephens home on Monday to arrest him on an outstanding warrant. Stephens spotted the officer and took off, stealing a family member’s car in the process. A second […] More

  • Florida Man Swings Dildo at Cops

    [MARTIN COUNTY] – A Florida Man faces charges after trespassing, then swinging a dildo at police when confronted. A man contacted police in regards to someone sleeping on his property in the 21100 block of SW Warfield Boulevard. Investigators arrived on the scene to fine 71-year old Donald Hornback sleeping next to a bike against the […] More

  • Florida Man Kills Homeless Man with 3-Foot Sword

    [LAKE WORTH] A Florida Man faces murder charges after killing a man with a three-foot sword. 51-year old George C. Livingston is currently held without bond on charges of “murder dangerous depraved without premeditation.”, according to the Palm Beach Detention Center’s booking sheet. The victim, whose name hasn’t been released was found around 4 p.m. on […] More

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