Florida Man Doesn't Do Spam.


Florida Man Doesn't Do Spam.

Worst Superhero Ever.

  • Florida Man Hitches Ride Clinging on Back of Moving Bus

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    Florida Man Swings Anchor at Beachgoers Because They Ruined His Chicken

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    Armless Florida Man Stabs Tourist With Scissors Held In His Feet

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    Elderly Florida Man Tries to Run over Man with Tractor

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    Florida Man Says He Wasn’t Drinking and Driving Because He Only Drank at Stop Lights

  • Florida Man Smears Feces on Food at Store

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    Florida Man Breaks into Home, Gets Naked, Cooks Spaghetti

  • Florida Man Makes Bomb Threat after Claiming Neighbor was Shooting Microwaves into his Brain

  • 91 Year Old Florida Man Pulls Gun Out on Pastor Over Ex-Girlfriend

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    Florida Man Breaks into Home, Steals Alcohol, Poops on Floor, Falls Asleep on Couch

  • Chanting, Naked Florida Man Burned After Dancing Around Fire, Swings Stick at Cops

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